What is the: Home Services (MPOP)

A Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform

First, hook your digital marketing channels and inventory feeds up to the MPOP™. Second, merchandise your vehicles and services in the MPOP™. Then, the MPOP™ does the rest by pushing that merchandising out to all your linked marketing channels in real-time.


Today, the modern consumer researches services and prices using search engines and social media. With the patented MPOP™, businesses can optimize their products and services for the search engines, directly to their site and linked to all possible marketing channels.

The beauty of the MPOP™ is that these merchandised offers are built following the highest optimization standards as possible to drive conversions. What’s more, when a shopper clicks on your website from a search result, Home Local Services links it to a custom-built, dynamic landing page, showing the correct syndicated data the shopper wants to see.

By allowing sites like Google and Bing to crawl easily, index and rank this data, the MPOP™ displays the businesses’ merchandised information on the most critical real-estate on the internet – at the top of a search results page!

  • One Page, One Purpose – Each categorical service  your company offers is displayed on a dedicated landing page with relevant, up-to-date pricing information. Pages are optimized for search engines and social media.
  • Generate Your Own Leads – Click to call and form submissions built directly in your paid search ads and website.
  • Make Adjustments in Real Time – Use the MPOP™ to make edits or update your merchandising and syndicate to all your linked marketing channels.
  • The More Ads, the Higher the CTR – Digital Home Services provides a dedicated team of Google Certified SEM professionals to build search ads with relevant keywords and optimal placement driving even more in-market shoppers to your sites

Pronto laptop - Home & Local Services staff

Real-time, cross-channel updates


The MPOP™ eliminates the need for multiple third-party vendors. You can also save hours, days and even weeks of time by introducing this platform, because any updates you make in the MPOP™ are pushed to all of your linked marketing channels.

Let’s say you advertise a new furnace installation proposal with a complimentary smart thermostat using the MPOP™. As soon as you save that offer, the following channels are updated in real-time…

  • Website – your dynamic heating services page, furnace installation landing page, special offers page
  • Paid Search Campaigns – your offer is pushed to your furnace installation paid search ads
  • Social Media – your offer is available to instantly push to your Facebook page
  • Email Campaigns – your offer is available to build into a mobile-friendly email template

Now, when a shopper clicks your ad, social post or email content with that furnace installation offer, they automatically land on a relevant, model-specific landing page with that same complimentary thermostat offer. Full transparency and consistency!